Advanced Optoelectronic Medicine Technology For Mankind

- Optoelectronics technology licensing

Octadecahedron constructing process by photon, a break though application of space medicine. Optional licensing: 

Hexahedron engineering

Dodecahedron engineering 

Octadecahedron engineering 

- Neuron science technology licensing

Neuron system inspection and repairing with electron and proton.

- Genetic and bio-engineering technology licensing

Proteomics synthesis by optoelectronics technology, repairing genetic defects. 

- The Origin of Earth REN REN CHANG

All the thanks to the assists and approval of Taiwan government, enabled the production and the advanced process implantation in Taiwan.

REN REN CHANG appointed LANRIVER  ATTORNEYS AT LAW, HSIAO, CHI-HSUN as attorney with full authority of the trading affairs.